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Fontina Cheese ageing storeroom in a mine

The Aosta Valley’s most famous cheese is Fontina! This DOP product is used to add flavour to the best part of traditional local dishes.
In Valpelline a museum entirely dedicated to this culinary delicacy is now open to the public. Visual displays and videos provide an exhaustive account of this sweet, flavoursome cheese, whose name was officialised in 1700.

This semi-cooked cheese is made using full-fat milk from the local dairy breed. Processing follows strict guidelines set down to regulate its production from milking to ageing.
Fontina must be aged for at least three months on spruce pine planks in a store room with a constant temperature of around 10°C and 90% humidity. The Fontina-ageing storeroom in Valpelline is located in a disused copper mine that closed in 1946. The wagon rails are still used for handling the wheels of cheese.

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